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Master Mind Alliance

''One can not score on all the opportunity alone that is why we need partners"

The Idea

  • Forming collaboration or partnership with individuals or entities to overcome the weakness of one with strength of other/s to create synergy for mutual benefits in a resource sharing arrangement
  • Associate with electrical / power electronics / instrumentation engineers who are talented, have requisite drive and ability to converge
  • A validated market opportunity in the area of electro-electric components, automation products and integration projects

Cutting Edge

  • Collective experience and wider expertise
  • Sharing of pooled resources to bring operating cost down
  • Piggy back on the network
    [highly connected nodes]


  • Opportunity to easier start and build afresh
  • Least fire fighting and burn out
  • All stake holders to have the satisfaction of developing a well considered idea with least risk and enjoy the fruits proportionate to their contribution
  • Easy on investment

Focus on Opportunity & Building on Strength

Offer front-end distribution platform and build position of advantage. Seek new products from leading manufacturers and solution suppliers worldwide to offer more choices to customers.


  • Specialist in building business.
  • Complete understanding of distribution and market dynamics.
  • Pan-India coverage of customers and relationships.
  • Ability to take risks and influence markets.
  • Specialise in providing workable strategy solutions and implementation assistance to foreign suppliers for leveraging the “India advantage”.
  • Have helped foreign supplier / companies investigate opportunities, understand markets, start up business, compete more effectively and grow in India.
  • Have offered services to many corporates establish in India some of the best brands such as Telemecanique Electrique [1981], AEG / Eupec [1987], Cooper - Bussmann [1988].......


  • Leveraging both the risk element and business potential through accurate forecasting.
  • Providing clear view of both “what is needed” and “what is feasible”.

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