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Integrated Supply Chain

We optimize efficiency through supply chain distribution activities. We take concentrated view of our role in moving the goods to the next stage and collaborate with the end goal of delivering the "best value" to our customers:

  • Customer Analysis [CRM / ERP]

  • Purchasing / Supplier Partnership [Principal]

  • Inventory Management and Control

  • Storage and Transportation

  • Order Fulfillment

Kitting Facilities

For streamlining customer production, purchasing, receiving and warehouse processing, ME can assemble, sort, mark and package the components for just-in-time deliveries for basic or complex requirement.


  • Better understanding of customers and better ability to serve them
  • More cost effective and efficient, with increased ROI
  • Keep up with demand and being flexible to changing markets
  • Taking less risk and therefore, enhancing competitiveness
  • Better opportunity for investment when operating with collective power
  • Get early warnings for problems anywhere in supply chain due to information sharing