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Founded in 1979, Manglam Electrical is in the business of distribution of Electro-Electric Components. Our business philosophy is developed and honed over four decades. Starting as a "component seller" grown to a "value added re-seller" (VAR) now a "knowledge based solution provider".

Expanding product offering through innovative technology search. Quick to anticipate and respond to customer / market changes, We are fortunate in terms of both rich experiences and powerful lessons

ME has the right mix of strategies, products, team and tools to handle both OEM and End User requirements


  • A customer "creating" and "satisfying" organism.

  • Continuous "work force" development program to plug the talent gap

  • Focus on "value satisfaction" to the customer

  • Use "technology" to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and quality

Core Values & Culture

  • Self-Indulgence

    Function with enthusiasm, excitement and fun

  • Tradition

    • Being a family owned enterprise, conformity is expected
    • Thrive in values of high tradition
  • Science

    • Highly comfortable with technology and prefer data based (quantitative) decision to indentify trends
    • Policies and procedures are based on evidence and rationality
    • Analytic rule is supreme and object decision making the norm

Vision & Mission


“To be the foremost distribution enterprise for electro-electric & automation components and field instruments in the market that we serve".


“Work fast, simple and together with our Customers, Vendors / Principal and Employees”.

Advisory Board

Management Team